March 4, 2008

Music Video by Second Person

Anyone ever heard of SellABand.com? If not, check it out. It's a cool site that has launched the musical dreams of a number of otherwise unknown but highly talented musicians. A good friend of mine, Cubworld, happens to be one of the SellABand poster kids (and rightfully so...he's awesome). If you have already heard of it, then you know that there is a lot of good music out there.

While in Amsterdam last August, I saw one of these groups perform live, with this video playing in the background. The group: Second Person. The song: "Wood." The video: Pretty dang cool. Actually, the story behind this video is that Mark, the bass player/leader of the band, wanted an animated video, and instead of toiling over it all himself, he sent out a cry for collaboration (which has to be my my new favorite word) to filmmakers and animators from across the world. They each created a portion of the video, he tweaked and directed and organized and pieced together each part of the work, until at last he had this visionary, Gorillaz-esque music video. The song by itself is a great work as well. Check it out. And if you like it, go to their page and let them know.

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