July 1, 2009

Where the crap is Mr. Director anyway?!?

Just wanted to post about not posting.

It seems that blogging is not at the top of my to-do list these days. Not to say I don't have a lot to talk about. Just not enough time to 1. put my tornado-dashed thoughts to words you'd all understand, and 2. put those words onto digi-paper.

The truth is, my wife and I have been working on remodeling an old house we just bought, and between that, a full-time job, 3 kids, and late-night DIY Network television watching, I've been pretty swamped.

So to feel like I've made a contribution to this blog, I will briefly throw out some things that I've been thinking lately. Feel free to agree, disagree, ignore or other:

1. Michael Jackson is dead. I am indifferent as to whether or not he drugged himself, or whether or not his mom wins custody of the kids, or whether or not he went to heaven, etc. He's finally at rest, he's where he's supposed to be, and I am sure he's fully aware of where his choices have led him at this point. Time for us to find something more meaningful to talk about.

2. Do It Yourself. If you get the chance to, do it yourself. You'll be surprised at how much you'll learn by getting your hands in the drywall mud, and you might even enjoy it.

3. Libraries are awesome.

4. People bag on the companies that outsource call center work to other countries like India or China, saying that jobs are being taken away from Americans. I don't know. The way I see it, if you can get somebody else to do the mindless, repetitive tasks (i.e. answering phones and placing orders), wouldn't that free up everyone else to focus on jobs and skills that are actually fulfilling and meaningful? Why force an American to answer the phone all day long, when instead you can teach them to critically think and problem solve, and then give them a job that pushes them to grow and create and thrive? Why not look at outsourcing those minimum-wage jobs as a way for Americans to spend time learning how to stay at the top of the international market in almost every industry out there? Hmm?

5. Summer Movies: What a letdown, eh? Star Trek was good. UP was amazingly good. I even heard The Proposal was worthwhile. But what about the rubbish? Terminator: Salvation? Transformers? What ever happened to those summers when you couldn't wait to see all the great popcorn-fare flicks? What'll we do once the real summer heat kicks in and we'd rather roast in the sun rather than sit in a nice cool theater watching total crap? Maybe I'll just go...

6. ...Camping. Yup, camping is awesome. If you haven't gone yet this summer, do it right now. Go to Walmart, buy whatever you need (tent, pack, sleeping bag, whatever you lack) and get outdoors. Build a fire. Fire is awesome. Cook some meat on the fire. Cut some sticks with your pocket knife, just because you can. Pee in the woods. Swim in a freezing-cold stream or lake, if ther're one nearby. Climb some rocks. Play flashlight wars or Capture The Flag. Go fishing. Sleep on the cold hard ground. Eat beef jerky and trail mix. Watch the sunset. Get up at dawn. Hike. Camping is amazing. Camping is the best way to get you to feel the way God intended: alive.

Thanks for reading.