February 23, 2008

Artists in the Family

I wanted to take a second to spread the word about a Utah artist who, in my opinion, is really good. Brian Winget specializes in oil and acrylic paintings, and has a gift for landscapes. He is also known in Utah Valley for his murals, which he used to paint inside people's homes (i.e. bedrooms, kitchens, etc.). He is currently working on a curriculum for teaching painting to teens, which will begin in April. Here are some of my favorite pieces: (click the pics for a larger view)

Brook Grove

Morning Dew

Morning Walk

Salem Sunset

Summer Cabin

You can see more of his work at www.BrianWingetArt.com. And if you like what you see, be sure to tell him (click on the "Contact Us" link at the top of his web page).


Thomas said...

My parents still have one of his pieces up in their house. Very nice stuff!

The Atwood Ohana said...

Mike!!! Your blog is so awsome! I love it! Good work. How do you make everything look so much better than every body else?? haha. you did a GREAT job with your format and headings. You are truly gifted.