April 7, 2008

Free Hugs?

YES! Hugs for free! I love this concept!

And by "free" I don't merely mean you don't have to pay money for them (that would be wrong on so many levels, anyway). But rather you get it regardless of who you are, what you look like, where you come from, where you're going, or whether or not you know the person you're hugging. That is such a sweet deal!

Think about it: we all know each other to some degree already. We all come from the same Creator, and we're all in this human experience together. So why be afraid to show love by hugging? My personal experience of hugging strangers is this: those that accept the hug are touched on a deeper level than if they had simply received a "hello," or even a handshake. I've seen complete strangers tear up after receiving a hug from me, not because I'm such an awesome hugger (although I am...if you don't believe me come on by and I'll give you one for free), but because there is such a lack in human interaction, in the open expression of LOVE for each other, that when people receive it, it can be a highly spiritual experience for them.

Skeptical, are you? Then go out into your lives, into your workplaces and homes and churches and communities, and start hugging the people you see on a regular basis. Once you feel warmed up, start hugging strangers. You will be amazed at what that will do for your life. If done in the right spirit, it can be life changing. Isn't that so cool?

Check out: www.freehugscampaign.org


jase said...

I have recieved a hug from you, and let me say this.....you should charge.
I even tried to get another from you when I was in UT.
I like the idea and agree about the hug issue.
Ask me about my story with the Chinese lady i was trying to get a wholesale account with. you'll like it.

Damaris said...

I cried watching this. What's wrong with me?

jase said...

hey i have been hugging more often and it does feel good. people nowadays take everything so lightly and superficially that they discount the depth and deep personal satisfaction of a good hug. I a agree with this "movement"
Damaris....the question is what is wrong with those that DONT cry, or at least get moved by this motion.

Juliana said...

Okay. I think I have huged enough people in the past 3 months. Time for a new post!